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21 Sep 2022


Efectis Stand: 204

According to the « World Fire Statistics » (n° 23) published in 2018 by the Center of Fire Statistics (CFS) of the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF), during the period 1993-2016, for an average of 39 countries throughout the world representing 2.5 billions inhabitants:  Every year, Fire Departments had to fight to an average of 3.7 millions of fires.  Every year, an average of 43,200 fire deaths have been recorded To this terrible human toll, it is also necessary to add the economic impact of these fires: compensation to the victims, material damages (reconstruction of the premises including buildings and replacement of equipment), operating losses, deterioration of the brand image, insurance fees, etc. 

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU  We conduct independent investigations after a fire based on internationally recognized standards.  We provide a second opinion on investigations carried out by other parties.  We make reconstructions to substantiate our assessment.  We help you with the TriPod Beta method to prevent the next fire or incident in your company. All our employees have years of experience and scientific knowledge. Our advice is internationally accepted as independent and reliable. Our goal is to find the true cause so that justice is done to all. Furthermore, whatever your needs in fire investigations training, Efectis specialists will be able to propose and provide theoretical and practical training courses, totally adapted to your situation. Lastly, Efectis is able to deploy, in very tight deadlines and regardless the destination, a team of fire investigations specialists referred to « Efectis International Fire Investigations Team » to which it will always be possible to add experts from other specialities

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