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Rockpanel Colours Rockpanel Colours

Colour is everywhere. It provides us with inspiration and joy. It fuels our imagination.

Rockpanel Colours are specifically designed for buildings that need to stand out. That need that little bit of extra. Whether applied in one colour, in several tones or in contrasting colours, every facade can have a completely different look and feel. It can blend into the environment or can be designed to act as an eye-catcher.

Our cladding derives their unique properties from compressed basalt, which is a sustainable, readily available natural volcanic material from which all Rockpanel Colours cladding is produced. The products combine the advantages of stone with the workability of wood.

We would like to show you our world of Rockpanel Colours. To share the projects that have been constructed and the stories behind them. Because we know that every building has a story to tell. A story that is best told in colour.

Visit www.rockpanel.co.uk/colours/ to learn more.

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