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04 Nov 2022

A Window of Opportunity

NorDan Stand: 218

By 2030 we must reduce the CO2 footprint from 1000 kg/ m2 down to 300 kg/m2 to reach a carbon neutral target. That's steep, but not impossible. And above all, necessary. At NorDan we are happy to be the forerunners in the transition to a sustainable construction industry. Of course, we try to lead by example - we've done if for nearly 100 years.

An ordinary NorDan window frame is made from more than 90% timber, a natural carbon sink in itself. With timber at the core, our embodied carbon figures are among the lowest industry. With embodied carbon emissions from NorDan less than half compared to aluminium or uPVC. Even against other composite materials in the market, there is no comparison.

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