Time: 09:45 - 10:45

Date: Day 2


Anytime, Anywhere, ANYONE, Learning

Speakers: Neil Mclntyre, Kevin Cooper & Peter Kerr

West Lothian Council has an Anytime Anywhere Learning policy which allows pupils to access online resources to enable learning to take place anywhere. Beatlie School is one of the eleven pilot projects in phase one of the Learning Estate Investment Programme and is an ASN school for pupils aged 3 through to 18 with severe and complex and profound medical needs. The new school design incorporates the most up to date technology to assist pupils whilst also making the building intuitive to the needs and requirements of the pupils.

The building has been designed to provide a stimulating, joyful place of learning delivered through a diverse blend of spaces of varying scale and character, the majority of which are bathed in natural light. Offering a variety of experiences for all those who will use it, the school enjoys a compact, educationally connected plan based on a carefully considered brief.

The approach taken is to place the pupils and staff at the heart of our design, consequently we approached the specific challenges presented in a different way. Rather than thinking about the basic needs to get by day to day we approached the design of both Smart and Assistive technology to create joy and stimulation. We engaged directly with Microsoft to develop hardware and software to create interactive environments. We explored options on smart buildings technology and what is practically implementable leading to the selection of an Open API Sensor Observer grid where we are able to understand how each space is used facilitating the use of a whole range of 3rd Party applications and future proofing the School. Our Smart elements also include the integration and exploration of the potential of creating an interactive digital twin from a facilities management perspective.

This presentation explores how design and technology can facilitate inclusive Anytime, Anywhere, ANYONE Learning.


Designing & Creating a School fit for 21st Century Learning

speaker: Stuart Clyde, Head Teacher, Bertha Park High School

What would you do if you were given the task of designing a completely new place to learn? That’s the task undertaken by the team who designed and created Bertha Park High School, the first non-replacement High School in Scotland for almost 20 years. With a completely blank canvas to work from and no institutional memory, find out how the building reflects contemporary learning & teaching and how the myriad of challenges faced by schools today have been tackled and the impact on young people since opening in August 2019.



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