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Time: 14:15 - 15:15

Date: Day 1


Big Ideas from a Small Island

Speakers: Chris Malcolm & Ann McCarlie

Educational provision on Barra and Vatersay is changing to reflect the different needs of how pupils learn, what is expected by employers, and what is beneficial to build a vibrant, resilient economy on Barra and Vatersay. The proposed Barra and Vatersay Community Campus integrates  a wide range of public services on one location – education, social care, healthcare, ambulance and police, and supported housing, along with facilities such as library and sports, creche and café, and community space.

The proposed Community Campus represents an opportunity for a design that makes a statement about the island’s ambition, but also goes beyond public service provision to enable economic growth.  The Community Campus can help educate and train a workforce to meet the needs of local employers, provide a forum to help entrepreneurs grow their own businesses, and provide space for visitors and tourists to engage with the island and its amenities. This proposal could set an international benchmark, and offer insight to other localities – locally across the islands of Scotland and further afield –  learning from the pace-setting example of what Barra and Vatersay is setting out to achieve.

The vision is one of substantive, beneficial, long-term step-change that places the island and its citizens on a path to enhanced health, well-being and community resilience for the 21st century.  It will be a catalyst for change, and components of this vision include:

Redesigned public services that reflect international best practice in how a small island community can be supported to achieve its potential

  • A campus that enables multi-agency working to blur historic organisational and professional boundaries, placing the citizen at the heart of service delivery
  • Changes in how citizens engage with public services, recognising their own responsibilities, to self and the community
  • A design that reflects island tradition and heritage, and acts as a destination for both islanders and visitors

The Barony Campus

Speakers: Adam McGhee & Alistair Kidd

The Barony Campus sets a new standard for education that reflects the integration of high academic ambition with enhanced sporting and learning facilities for the local community.

It is the biggest capital investment ever undertaken by East Ayrshire Council (EAC) and the Barony Campus is nothing short of extraordinary. It delivers an up-to-the-minute connected learning and teaching environment to enable every child and young person to reach their full potential, regardless of their background, as well as bringing together two local communities through access to a host of superb sports, leisure, educational and social facilities.

The Communities of Cumnock and Auchinleck have a rich history but decline in mining and rural employment led to significant challenges for both Communities. The Scottish Governments “Creating Places” policy statement advocates that design quality should be a priority and should be considered at the very outset of public procurement projects.

EAC and Sheppard Robson, together with others, have delivered an exceptional campus design which provides the very highest standard in learning environments, sporting provision and community facilities.

Extensive community consultation was undertaken during the briefing and design development stages which went way beyond the statutory requirements. The result is a facility which not only delivers first class education facilities but a community hub which responds to the needs and aspirations of the people it serves.

EAC and Shepard Robson would like to present the scheme, taking the audience on an interesting and insightful journey through the process of consultation, design and delivery of this fantastic facility. We will offer insight to the future of education design, look at innovation and demonstrate how community inclusion can be delivered through robust briefing and prioritising design excellence.



  • Andy Dailly Head of School Building - Scottish Government

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