Suitable Workshop

Time: 14:15 - 15:15

Date: Day 1


COVID: Catalyst for change

Chaired by Scottish Futures Trust in conjunction with Architecture & Design Scotland


COVID has disrupted life as we know it. We have had to change our spaces, approaches and environments. These changes have been born out of necessity, but what can we learn from these and what are the positive impacts and ideas we will continue to develop in a post pandemic world?


This session is a chance to discuss ideas around future suitable spaces for learning and to share thoughts, visions and stories to inform change in our learning environments. It is a chance to capture innovative ideas and techniques that should be used post covid and a chance to evidence the change it has made, with a specific focus around wellbeing and mental health.


This event is part of the Shared Learning series designed to promote discussion and sharing of best practice which began in Dec 2020 and have been delivered by SFT in conjunction with Architecture & Design Scotland throughout 2021.


Join us for what will sure to be a lively workshop and help shape future development of our learning spaces.


  • Stephen Long Associate Director - Scottish Futures Trust
  • Danny Hunter Principal Architect - Architecture & Design Scotland
  • Lesley Riddell-Robertson Principal Designer - Architecture & Design Scotland

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