Low Carbon

Time: 15:45 - 16:45

Date: Day 1


West Lothian Council Early Years Programme Passivhaus Vs Traditional

Our session explores the parallel development before outlining where converging themes bond the proposals at the heart of the West Lothian Communities net Zero carbon agenda, and includes series of searching questions which will be posed to attendees which explore key aspects of the development and delivery of Passivhaus.

Operational efficiency of public buildings is under constant review due to ongoing pressures on public expenditure budgets, coupled with the government’s drive to demonstrably decrease carbonisation. As such, new capital projects are being challenged to drive towards higher performance whilst reducing operational maintenance and running costs over the building lifecycle.

Two recently completed identical Early Years centres by West Lothian Council consist of one at Blackridge being built to the Passivhaus standard, with St. Mary’s in Bathgate following a traditional approach.

Passivhaus should, in theory, outperform the traditional approach, but will the theory reflect reality? how have the two models performed commercially, physically and which will have the superior performance in use from an operational, environmental and end-user experience standpoint?

Having a direct comparison of process, construction methods, costs and in-use performance and user driven data shall provide invaluable data to enable an objective review on the impact, benefits, and challenges of Passivhaus and low carbon.




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