Time: 09:45 - 11:00

Date: Day 2


Scottish Virtual Nature School

Children who previously attended ELC and had daily outdoor experiences faced major disruption to their usual routines because of COVID-19. Hear from Dr Claire Warden on how the Scottish Virtual Nature School, an online, multimedia provision funded by the Scottish Government, has been used to offer nature based provocations for children and families whilst training practitioners to engage in nature pedagogy. This cross-sector digital initiative emerged in response to the pandemic, but has demonstrated that its form of online delivery is engaging and effective in making an impact on children, families and practitioners across Scotland for over a year.

Speaker: Dr Claire Warden, International Education Consultant, Researcher, Advisor & Author, Mindstretchers Academy

Use of technology to support the delivery of ELC facilities through the pandemic

Fife Council quickly realised that maximising the use of technology was key to continue delivery of their £30m ELC programme during the pandemic. From using 3D software fly-throughs demonstrated to clients through virtual team meetings, to drone footage to provide regular updates on progress to stakeholders, to developing a digital approach to engage with the Care Inspectorate from the start to sign off the project – these were just some of the technological changes Fife Council made to assist the successful delivery of their programme. This presentation will look at what technological developments they think will become the norm in the future and what areas may not.

Speaker: John Purves, Architect, Fife Council & Clark Graham, Early Learning Officer, Fife Council


Digital Registration

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, the Care Inspectorate paused the majority of on-site visits in order to reduce the risk of transmission. Due to the importance of continuing to progress both registrations for new services as well as variations to existing services, it was necessary to think creatively about how this could be done. In this session we will offer some reflections on our experiences of undertaking registration and variation work remotely and virtually and, consider some of the learning from this for our future practice.

Speaker: Care Inspectorate



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