Dr julia Atkin

Education & Learning Consultant

Learning by Design


Doctor Julia Atkin is universally recognised for her rich understanding of learning and thinking and providing practical ways to support teachers and leaders in enhancing learning for all.

Julia works extensively across Australia with individual schools as well as with education systems to help transform how they design the learning landscape – both pedagogically and physically. Her international work includes NZ, USA, UK, Italy, Greece, OECD and the World Bank.

Julia’s work is characterised by a highly collaborative approach that bridges the gap between theory and practice.  She has received a number of prestigious awards in recognition of her work.  In 2000-2004 she was named a Distinguished Educator by Apple Computers Australia.  In October 2003, The Bulletin named Julia as one of Australia’s Smart 100 – a list of one hundred people, ten in ten fields, making a difference to Australian society through innovation.  In 2000 Julia was made a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators and awarded the Sir Harold Wyndham Medal 2000 in recognition of her contribution to the learning of teachers and the children of Australia.

Julia believes she has avoided a ‘use by date’ by focusing on what is fundamental and universal in both learning and leading.


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