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Space Zero are specialists in the design of learning environments.

Over 13 years we have designed more than 750 education
projects worldwide. We employ 40 specialist designers,
strategists, technicians, and managers. The team have specified
over 12.5M items of FF&E with an annual value of £45m. 

We design from the inside out.
We design to make an impact.

We design to make an impact.

By applying good design, we can
significantly enhance what these
spaces can do for the people who use
them. Performance, confidence,
behaviour, attitude, attendance, values
and ethics – improving all of these
learning outcomes is the impact we
strive to make. 



We work with absolute integrity.

We work with absolute integrity.

Being open, honest and fair is the only
approach for us. Whether it’s building
relationships or building models, we’ll
always apply unquestionable integrity
to everything we do.
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