Learning Places Scotland Awards

Celebrating Excellence & Achievement in Education!

There are 12 categories in 2021 recognising clients, consultants, contractors, architects, projects as well as innovation and sustainability. New for 2021 is the Recognition Award which will celebrate the innovations that education settings have made in response to the Covid-19 crisis. All will be hotly contested and highly prized by the winners who will be celebrated at the Awards Dinner on 23 November 2021.

The qualifying period for all projects is 1 January 2019 – 18 June 2021.

Shortlist Announced Shortly

Awards Categories are now Closed for Entries

Technology: Transforming Learning, Teaching and the Curriculum 

Criteria: This award recognises innovation in the briefing, design, development and delivery of learning and teaching by using technology to provide equity of education provision in the 21st century. Please provide a summary of your digital approach, how it extends and enhances the learning experience, and the impacts on learning spaces. 

Category Sponsor: Atkins 

Early Learning & Childcare (ELC) 

Criteria: This award recognises excellence and innovation in the briefing, design, development and delivery of ELC facilities in a community setting to ensure that children get ‘the best start in life’, focusing on innovation in meeting the ‘quality of experience’ for early learners through the creative use of space, and learner led experiences. Please provide an overview of your approach to meeting the ‘quality of experience’ spatially, the process of user engagement and the impact of design. 

Category Sponsor: Faithful+Gould 

Innovation in Delivering a Sustainable Learning Space

Criteria: This award recognises sustainability practice across all levels of decision making in existing and new build learning spaces to support improved performance of the key spaces, and more user driven sustainable behaviours.  Please explain the approach to sustainability, the outcome of the intervention and the evidence of impact. 

Category Sponsor: HLM Architects 

Architectural Practice of the Year 

Criteria: This award recognises an architectural practice which has demonstrated excellence in translating the needs and expectations of Scottish learning and teaching policy ambitions into designs for learning spaces and places which meet the needs of users, innovate to meet future needs and functionality, provide inspiration and deliver value to clients. Please provide evidence of your approach, and the learner experience supported by examples from the last 18 months to showcase the quality of your work. 

Category Sponsor: Morrison Construction  

Client of the Year

Criteria: This award recognises the passion, direction and innovation that a nursery, school, college, university or local authority has shown in either a new build or refurbishment project to ensure clear alignment of the education and community objectives across all stages of decision making. This should be supported by collective leadership across all participants in the process to create excellent learning spaces. Provide evidence of the leadership approach and impact. 

Category Sponsor: Space Zero 

Consultancy of the Year 

Criteria: This award recognises a multi-disciplinary or construction consultancy company (including building and quantity surveyors and project management companies) that have a proven track record of delivering/helping to deliver outstanding education projects in Scotland. Please include examples from the last 18 months to showcase the quality of your work. 

Category Sponsor: Available

Contractor of the Year

Criteria: This award recognises a main contractor that has demonstrated outstanding work in the Scottish education sector. Please include examples from the last 18 months to showcase the quality of your work. 

 Category Sponsor: VELUX Commercial 

Recognition Award

Criteria: New for 2021, this award recognises the innovations that education settings have made in response to the Covid-19 crisis. The judges will be looking for information on your experiences, what you did, what you think worked, and what you will carry forward. Please include any examples of innovative ways you engaged learners or ensured progress in learning during the pandemic.

Category Sponsor: Kier Construction

Innovation in Delivering Value 

Criteria: This award recognises innovation that has helped contribute to value, experiential for users, monetary and/or collaborative ways of working in the design of learning spaces. Please explain the rationale for the process of creating value and how the innovation has made a positive impact. 

Category Sponsor: Available

Pupil/Student Experience 

Criteria: This award recognises a learning establishment which has undertaken a buildings/facilities investment that significantly improves the pupils/students’ learning and social experience and positively enhances their health and wellbeing. Please explain clearly how users were involved in shaping key decisions, what difference was made and include before and after photographs. Please also include statements from the client and designer. 

Category Sponsor: Robertson Group

Inspiring Learning Spaces 

Criteria: This award recognises innovation in the creation of inspiring spaces across learning stages, in existing and new build spaces, that help support and promote new and different ways of learning/teaching and can be easily replicated across the learning estate.  Please explain the evidence for the intervention and how the space is making a positive impact.  

Category Sponsor: Portakabin 

Project of the Year

Criteria: This award recognises an ELC setting, school, college, university new build or refurbishment project which provides exemplar demonstration of a number of principles of Learning Estate Strategy principles and transferrable lessons for other projects. Please describe how the project has performed in terms of briefing, construction and performance to meet the academic objectives. Entries must clearly state who the client was, the architect(s) and contractor(s) involved and the wider project team. 

Category Sponsor: Glulum Solutions