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Conference 22



15 Nov 2022
Digital & Technology Stage

Beatlie School: Delivering a vision for our most vulnerable learners - Greg Welsh, West Lothian Council, Kevin Cooper, Norr and Scott Clark, Atelier Ten

Beatlie ASN School will deliver a sector leading provision offering a learning environment of the future to support our most vulnerable children. Every learning space will be provided with the latest interactive audio-visual and digital technologies utilising high speed broadband. Assistive technology will ensure pupils’ learning experiences are maximised and will support children’s functional capabilities, learning and wellbeing. Smart technology will be embedded throughout the build to monitor, track and improve energy efficiencies and demand. The new school building will be integrated within the community with accessibility both in and out with school. The integration of the NHS Child Development Clinic will also provide continued opportunities for cross service working to support children and families. 

Why Digital Learning Spaces must be accessible for all our learners and how we can ensure that they are - Paul Nisbett, CALL Scotland

In a context where a  third of learners in Scottish schools are identified as having an additional support need, where digital teaching and learning are now central components of education in Scotland, and where Scottish Government have pledged that every learner will have a personal digital device, it is essential that digital learning spaces are fully accessible for all our children and young people. In this session, Paul will explore how assistive technology can overcome barriers to learning and how digital learning spaces and resources can be designed to be universally accessible.   


Craig Heap, Director - Holmes Miller
Paul Nisbet, Director - CALL Scotland
Greg Welsh, Head of Education (Primary, Early Learning and Resources) - West Lothian Council
Kevin Cooper, Director - NORR
Scott Clark, Senior Electrical Engineer - Atelier Ten
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