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Conference 22



15 Nov 2022
Digital & Technology Stage

The limits of my experiences are the limits of my world: Giving pupils experiences beyond the classroom walls - Ian Stuart, Avantis Education

Wittgenstein’s famous quote, “The limits of language are the limits of my world.” Captures one aspect of learning limitation. The other is the limited experiences the pupils have to reference.

Every teacher wants to take pupils almost anywhere and everywhere. How could this move beyond the ‘Edutainment’ model. How can they use technology to go to Mount Everest to experience that and then take that experience to bring it back to the learning? How can you us 360 photos or video content or Virtual Scenes to add to pupils’ experiences.

Taking groups to explore mini beast world, visit a rainforest, or see the world as Viking. Gain an understanding of what the world of work looks like. These experiences, along with the classroom pedagogy are having an impact of schools around the world.

Ian will share some stories around these. He will also ask, What do you want you pupils to experience?

Using Immersive Technologies to enhance Excellence and Equity - Jill Woodward, Education and Families Manager, & Lauren McIntyre, North Lanarkshire Council

Experiencing what it’s like to be in outer space, under the ocean, on a World War 1 battlefield or even on top of Everest, is now a reality for our children and young people.

Our 360-degree learning pod creates a digital projection using all four walls with captivating light and sound bringing the impact of the real-world through a virtual experience. This unique facility helps to remove the barriers to travel and affordability while providing a universal and equitable experience for all.

Many children and young people face health and wellbeing barriers which can make a visit to a museum or theatre impossible or very challenging. The Immersive Experience has enabled all children to have identical experiences as their peers.

Engaging Spaces at Glasgow Science Centre - Dr Stuart Meiklejohn, Stem Futures Project Coordinator & Dr Stephen Breslin, Chief Executive Officer, Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre aims to inspire individuals to explore the world around them, and to discover and enjoy science. With this aim, we have recently developed several new, innovative, engaging, and unique learning places both inside and outside of our stunning and iconic building. Our new community hub, “The Bothy” offers a safe space to those who are often left out of public science conversations. Our “Newton Flight academy”, developed in partnership with First Scandinavia and Boeing, hosts three full motion flight simulators and is the first of its kind in UK. Our outdoor space has been redesigned to extend our learning experience beyond our building and our digital resources, developed during lockdown, has improved our engagement offer, allowing us to increase, improve and extend our interactions with learners.



Ollie Bray, Strategic Director, Curriculum Innovation, Design and Pedagogy - Education Scotland
Ian Stuart, Education Support Officer - East Lothian Council
Jill Woodward, Education and Families Manager - North Lanarkshire Council
Lauren McIntyre, Digital Education Support Officer - North Lanarkshire Council
Stuart Meiklejohn, Stem Futures Project Coordinator - Glasgow Science Centre
Stephen Breslin, Chief Executive Officer - Glasgow Science Centre
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