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Conference 22



15 Nov 2022
Digital & Technology Stage

How will the growth in online learning shape the future design of learning spaces and our campuses? - James Clay, Jisc

The physicality of online learning is an issue that will impact on university campuses as we move to a blended and hybrid programmes containing elements of online and digital learning and physical in-person learning.  This session will explore the challenges that growth in blended learning will bring to learning spaces and the university campus. What is required for, in terms of space for online learning, but will also consider the implications of delivering online teaching as well. Examples will be given of what universities are doing today to meet these challenges. The session will reflect on a possible future maximising the use of our space as students have the flexibility to learn online, in-person and across a spectrum of blended and hybrid possibilities.

Reimagining Learning: Daring To Be Different - Tom Duff, Director of Learning & Teaching, UHI North Highland

The results of Covid have provided a fork in the road for education. Make do and mend till old approaches return or embrace change. I believe it allows the sector to refocus and to embrace the acceleration to the future of education, and realise the emerging reality that learning is for life.

In order to embrace this our learning and teaching has to adopt innovative pedagogy, appropriate technology and using learning spaces f2f, blended, hybrid and hyflex.  It requires a complete overhaul of traditional education that equates to  one-hour teaching sessions, with 10-20 minute activities, practical exercises, quizzes, facilitating a different type of learning, using formative and summative assessment contextualised in readiness for the world of work. Teaching less and assessing smarter is an approach education institutions need to apply. 

Staff have shown they can adapt to the technological based delivery, explored through the pandemic, they are ready to change how we teach, they are willing to try things differently and to do different things. We must engage with and collaborate with our partners, industry to take on new ways to deliver learning ‘anytime, anywhere anyplace’, and develop an accreditation system for students and staff in a ‘fit for purpose life and career long learning’ model.


Rufus Logan, Assistant Director Capital & Climate Change - Scottish Funding Council
James Clay, Head of Higher Education and Student Experience - Jisc
Tom Duff, Director of Learning & Teaching - UHI North Highland
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