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Conference Programme 2023


Digital Workshop

14 Nov 2023

The Digitisation of LEIP project handovers for quality operational & Management purposes
Ryan Tennyson, Associate Director - Infrastructure Technology, Scottish Futures Trust

This workshop will provide a step-by step overview of the digital information handover initiative being adopted on every Learning Estate Investment Programme (LEIP) project, including a range of related resources developed by a client and contractor industry working group, facilitated by SFT.

The presentation will outline the why, what and how construction and asset information is being digitised and delivered by design teams, main contractors and their supply chains to LEIP local authorities, for quality record purposes and onward use by FM operator and asset maintenance teams.

We will highlight the importance of having the client and asset management teams input at the outset, to ensure the project brief and digital information deliverables are fit-for-purpose, and once delivered, can be accurately maintained as a 'golden thread' of lifecycle asset information.

The presentation will also demonstrate how the initiative is complementing other LEIP requirements, such as briefing and evaluation, the quality agenda and the energy efficiency and performance target.

In conclusion we will hear directly from one or two stakeholders who will offer insights into the value, benefits and challenges of using the initiative on their live LEIP projects, and the wider impact and change it is bringing to the Scottish construction industry.

Ryan Tennyson, Associate Director - Scottish Futures Trust
Melanie Robinson, Associate - BIM Academy
Andrew Waring, Digital Director
David McIntosh, Property Support Administrator - Highland Council
James Laville, BIM and Digital Construction Manager - Morrison Construction
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