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Conference Programme 2023


Welcome Address and Opening Session: Digital Technology

14 Nov 2023
EdTech Stage

Confident Individuals
Michael Conlon, Education Transformation Consultant, XMA

A curriculum that seeks to develop confident individuals and effective contributors sees teachers exploring digital technology creatively for pupils to "show what they know". These creative activities and experiences, from podcasting to green screening, have implications for the kinds of spaces we need in our schools if pupils are to shine.

In this presentation, we'll explore the creative opportunities that digital tools provides and what teachers need to consider in their environment to afford their young people to access, engage and participate in the potential of digital technology.

Project Nests
Richard McKean, Depute Headteacher & Pupils from King's Park Primary School

In, 2020 King’s Park Primary School embarked on digital adventure using Apple Technology to develop an inquiry-based curriculum design approach which utilised the use of transformative technology and had pupil-led learning, play based learning and creative skills development at its heart.    

Beginning with natural curiosity, pupil's began designing personalised project-based learning experiences about the world they live in past, present and future. This ideation journey allowed staff and pupils to immerse learning and teaching in real world transformative technology experiences which allowed everyone to create, solve problems, experience challenges, make connections, think critically and redefine traditional formats of assessments. We call this approach ‘Project Nests’. 


Donnie Macleod, Head of Service – South - Glasgow City Council
Michael Conlon, Education Transformation Consultant - XMA
Richard McKean, Depute Headteacher - King's Park Primary School
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