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Conference Programme 2023


What next for Scottish Education?

15 Nov 2023
EdTech Stage

In a world where adaptability and innovation are paramount, how can we empower learners with the creative mindset and problem-solving skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century? 

Join Ollie Bray and Helena Good in this presentation as they unveil their vision for the future of education in Scotland. Through the voices of learners engaged in the Daydream Believers Solarpunk Challenge, we will examine the relevance of this transformative experience in light of the Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment. This session will challenge us all to reflect on the roles we must play in supporting our young people to thrive in a modern, intricate democratic society, fostering a more resilient and environmentally conscious Scottish education system.


Ollie Bray, Strategic Director, Curriculum Innovation, Design and Pedagogy - Education Scotland
Helena Good, Director - Daydream Believers
Dawn Cameron, Teacher - Perth Grammar School
Rachel McClure, Teacher - Dedridge Primary School
Pupils of - Perth Grammar School
Kathryn French, Teacher - Dedridge Primary School
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