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EdTech Conference Programme 2023


Workshop: Supporting Neurodiversity with Virtual Reality

15 Nov 2023

Supporting Neurodiversity with Virtual Reality
Simon Luxford-Moore, Head of eLearning, ESMS

Using virtual reality to enhance learning through immersion, engagement and contextual understanding has incredible value. But what about supporting neurodiversity and developing empathy? Empathy has an impact across cultures, religions, politics and every divide in society but how much do we empathise with others who think a little diffently to us? At ESMS we are exploring the use of VR to develop "neuroempathy". Whilst helping neurotypical learners better understand the diversity of thought, we are also supporting our neurodivergent learners with virtual experiences to help self-regulate. The results are amazing.


Simon Luxford-Moore, Head of eLearning - ESMS
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