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EdTech Conference Programme 2023


Online Security & Digital Safeguarding

14 Nov 2023
EdTech Stage

Cyber Resilience
Scott hunter, Education Officer Cyber Resilience Internet Safety, Education Scotland

As young people are living in a digital world more in school and at home, how can we ensure that we are building resilience in young people to ensure they become:

  • successful learners
  • confident individuals
  • effective contributors
  • responsible citizens

This session is  going to focus on how young people use devices and platforms such as smart phones and social media.  How you as educators can support them to identify any risks that they may face while using the technology and empower young people to take responsibility for their devices ensuring they have the confidence to stay in control of the technology.

Digital Safeguarding for 1:1 Device Programmes
Colin McCabe, Lightspeed Systems

With 1:1 devices providing learning opportunities regardless of location, ensuring safe use requires education-specific safeguarding tools. Learn lessons from local authority education officers on the importance of enhanced digital safeguarding solutions to support a 1:1 device deployment. This session will explore both the functional and procedural to make sure the right processes are in place to protect young people's use of the internet on local authority devices and learning platforms.


Michael Moynihan, Information Security - Education Scotland
Scott Hunter, Education Officer Cyber Resilience & Internet Safety - Education Scotland
Colin McCabe, Director, International - Lightspeed Systems
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