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LPS 2024



20 Nov 2024
Stage 1

Inclusive design and place-based thinking – lessons learned from the Craighalbert Centre
We believe inclusive design and place-based thinking are of national importance when thinking about maximising opportunities across the Learning Estate. From Scotland’s local authorities to those interested in making education spaces more inclusive, we hope that every child can access places that support their development, independence, and growth.

In this panel presentation, we will chair a discussion around the key opportunities, barriers and thinking when designing and redesigning places for additional support needs. We will draw upon our experiences working with the Craighalbert Centre, a national centre for children with motor impairments, in shaping their mission to create an inclusive, integrated nursery environment where children can learn and play in shared spaces regardless of support needs. The project also prioritises the reuse of existing facilities, aligning with efforts to make use of existing embodied carbon.

Heather Claridge, Director of Design - Architecture & Design Scotland
Lesley Riddell-Robertson, Principal Designer - Architecture & Design Scotland
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