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Becky Hayward

Becky Hayward

Associate Director, Buro Happold

Becky is a people flow consultant focussing on optimising the interactions between people, places and processes. Our consultancy offering applies innovative approaches to provide effective, practicable solutions to complex problems.

Becky joined Buro Happold in 2011 after completing her PhD in emergent systems in biology. Since joining, she has led and executed modelling, crowd surveys and analysis on various projects involving flow of passengers, pedestrians and crowds. Her aim is to improve the environment through optimising people circulation, user experience and process efficiencies.

Becky’s key skills revolve around her practical problem-solving ability, combined with a strong analytical approach. She is experienced in engaging with clients and stakeholders to help understand and define key problems. She is adept at utilising a range of data capture techniques to extract key information required for modelling a problem and evaluating potential solutions. Becky has a particular interest in optimising processes and spaces in the pedestrian environment to improve throughput, interaction, efficiency and visitor experience.

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