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Do Coyle

Do Coyle

Chair in Language Education and Classroom Pedagogies, University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Do Coyle is Professor of Languages Education and Classroom Pedagogy at Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh. Whilst some of her work lies in bilingual education, she also leads the Shared Learning Spaces Research Team that carries out research in primary secondary and tertiary contexts investigating the impact of space on learning. She leads the transdisciplinary Scottish Alliance, funded by Scottish Futures Trust, comprising business, professional and academic communities with a keen interest in different perspectives of learning spaces. She also leads the national partnership for the global Innovative Learning Environments and Student Experience initiative at the University of Melbourne, whose White Paper is attracting world-wide attention. Above all Do values these partnerships which unite all stakeholders - including the learners themselves - in collaborating to create the best possible learning environments for all children and young people.
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