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James Laville

James Laville

BIM and Digital Construction Manager, Morrison Construction

As a Chartered Engineer and specialist in the digital construction environment, James looks to generate value on all his projects through adoption of the latest technologies and BIM processes. He has been a firm supporter of the development and introducing of the SFT’s Standard Information Management Plan (SIMP) process.  Indeed, he played a key part in its adoption at Wallyford Learning Campus, which was the first project to use SIMP process, and James is now successfully utilising BIM & Digital Construction on 14 of Morrison Constructions projects.

As Morrison Constructions BIM & Digital Construction Manager, James has been at the forefront of introducing robust BIM strategies across our project portfolio, and through being an advocate for the use of visualisation and collaboration platforms he has ensured that Clients and stakeholders are fully included in the design development journey and have the opportunity to comment on and support developing designs in the virtual environment.

Through James’s commitment to maximising the use of the latest technologies, many of Morrison Construction’s Projects have realised significant design, cost and quality benefits at the design stage which have then successfully translated to the construction stage.  

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