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Read what our attendees thought about Learning Places Scotland!

"I've been coming along now to the Learning Places Scotland conference for a number of years because I just love the variety of people that you get here from very young children to people that are dealing with some amazing products and services. I think it's just a really interesting place when we get buildings and technology and importantly learning and teaching mixing together."

"I would absolutely love to come back next year, absolutely. I think you've got a conference here that's in its sixth year and I love seeing an event actually growing in itself. I was delighted to hear that even this year alone about 20% increase is absolutely phenomenal and I think it's a sign for the future for the conference as well, it's super."

"First time at EdTech Learning Places Conference, so Im looking forward to the programme. I think there’s an exciting range of workshops available, and I think its good just to network with people in a similar role across the country, and benefiting from good practice elsewhere. I think its important that we model being good learners for all of our stakeholders."

"I’ve been attending the Learning Places Scotland Conference for a number of years since its inception, and it’s a great conference for us because it allows us to engage with our clients which are mainly local authorities. It also gets us to share our experiences on our stands, and it’s a really engaging conference for us. Were looking to primarily network with our clients and gain some experience from the talks that were doing, but also its to engage and speak to our clients, speak to the consultants and generally be seen as a presence in the education community in Scotland."

"This is the third consecutive year we’ve exhibited here, we find it a great way to connect with the councils, contractors and architects that are building educational places in Scotland. Its great to get here and connect with our team on the ground in Scotland, and meet our clients and the councils that are specifying our products."

"For me this is about opportunities to network with collegues, and to bring together the opportunities to just identify best practice, whats happening in the industry, and to share collective experiences. We are all facing very similar challenges and theres no one particular answer to all the challenges that we’ve got. So I like this as an opportunity to get together with fellow professionals with specific interest in education projects and share our experiences both good and bad just so we can all make attempts to make the learning estate a better place."

"Learning Places Scotland this year and it's been very well attended and it's giving us a great insight into what's going on in the industry and education, both from the construction side, procurement, but also actually the research that's going on."

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