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"I thought the opening keynote this morning by Jed Brown was fantastic. The video at the end was just superb, actually getting that intergenerational view, having the kids as young as two and three speaking, but then having grannies and granddads speaking about how they are impacting children and young people's learning and the different classes which they're interacting with within their community so i think that that was a real highlight"

"I particularly enjoyed the opening keynote inspired by the Jedburgh campus, it made me want to go down and visit. I found that particularly interesting as what they’ve managed to achieve it’s a pretty inspirational building, but what I liked about it was the whole of the presentation was, architects didn’t talk, nobody spoke about the building. It was all about what was going on inside the building, but for those professionals who know better, they will know that the buildings played a major part in that, but it was a very subtle part. So what came first was the learning and teaching and the building was supporting that, and I just really liked that."

"This conference is the ideal mix of learning - education - construction - technology and innovation. The themes are current and relevant and always interesting. The atmosphere is a great mix of enthusiasm, friendliness and professional dialogue between a group of likeminded but diverse colleagues who become friends who come back together every year"

"Fantastic opportunity to network and go into impromptu break out groups. Used the conference sessions as a stimulus for further discussions in smaller groups."

"The Learning Places Scotland conference is an annual celebration of the amazing work that is being done to deliver excellent educational spaces for the young people of Scotland and for future generations. It is a great opportunity to catch up with contacts old and new on the work they are doing across the country."

"As usual, LPS provides a platform for policy to be shared and discussed along with excellent case studies which always lift up the teacher and student experiences - the building inhabitants are so often ignored in design and construction conferences. Overall, a great cross-disciplinary mix of new aspects to learn about and discuss."

It's a really important conference because it's an opportunity for so many people in the education sector to get together, meet people, network, see what's happening in other places and listen to what's coming in the future as well. So it's a really important, holistic approach to all parts of new school buildings as we go through. And the fact today that you've had students feeding back on lessons learned is just brilliant and it's not something that happens very often. student voices, we're an important part of this because we're designing buildings for young people, we're not building it for the teachers.

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