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Read what our attendees thought about EdTech

"I found the session on AI yesterday really, really interesting, not only as to how it's been developed to assist learners, but also to assist those wrapping around them. This enables the teachers and the school facilities teams to be able to take learning to the next level and to create that that individual response."

"Learning Places Scotland and EdTech have got a really important place in the Scottish educational calendar. They both bring together a unique group of people where we're able to look both at buildings but also the infrastructure of buildings.

Also, when we think about the infrastructure of buildings, we also include within that the infrastructure for digital technology, and what we know from countless hours of research is that if we want to get impact for learning and teaching, we need that infrastructure to be in place first."
"We're excited to be at EdTech Scotland for Microsoft and for HP. It's a great opportunity to engage with the whole community of education providers across Scotland and to really start the conversation about AI as the future technology for education."

It's really good that EdTech is being teamed up with this conference next year because it should be absolutely collaborative from the very start.

We've always said for many years that technology should be in at the very start of projects and too often ICT technology is brought into the design solution halfway through, almost as an afterthought, a bolt-on. It's absolutely crucial and especially since Covid and lockdown, there's reliance on technology and the changing use of technology is absolutely vital and we need to develop from that.

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