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Exhibition Testimonials


Read about the experience of exhibiting at Learning Places Scotland, and what attendees thought!

"I think for manufacturers it's a great place to showcase, you know, what your company can do. With the solutions that you've got, no matter what sort of sector you operate in, I think these things are absolutely fantastic to come to. Definitely, it's something we always look forward to. This time of year, there's lots of events on, but definitely with the Education Conference, it's one we've supported for many years now."

Attending the 2 day event at Learning Places Scotland 2023 exhibition was an absolute pleasure! We found the event very successful and extremely well managed. The Metal Technology stand showcased our range of Passive House aluminium glazing solutions and was the centre point of fruitful conversations and significant interest. We had a brilliant couple of days and found the event very successful. We’re already looking forward to exhibiting again in 2024 where we will be showcasing another NEW Passive House product that is currently in development. Thank you Learning Places Scotland. 

"As a small business we were delighted to have the opportunity to get involved in supporting our learning places to be the best they can be, while balancing cost, carbon, indoor air quality and the enhancing wellbeing forf our kids and teaching staff."

"The whole point of the stand is really to try and engage people, and get people involved and speaking to us. We have a golf hole here where people can try out their golf skills. We’ve tried to link that in with our philosophy which is move left so, its trying to sell early contractor involvement by bringing programmes further to the left in the traditional programme. We have the golf hole set up so that if you move left you get a better chance of getting it in the hole, so it’s a good way of engaging with clients and ultimately get people around your stand to come and have a chat with us."

"Learning Places Scotland, this is the third consecutive year we’ve exhibited here, we find it a great way to connect with the councils, contractors and architects that are building educational places in Scotland. Its great to get here and connect with our team on the ground in Scotland, and meet our clients and the councils that are specifying our products.

So coming to our stand, were hoping that the contractors that we work with and partner with in the Scottish region along with the local councils and authorities, and come and see our innovative products around STEM, and how they can stretch their STEM programme into the future."

We're really delighted to be sponsoring again this year. Obviously it's something that we've been involved with StepConnect and the wider team for a long time now. And we find just in terms of the links that it gives us, the intelligence, the interface with not only the supply chain but obviously our clients and the wider teams within the Scottish education environment.
"I think the exhibitions well layed out. It's an inspiring place to come to get a bit of time out from your day job, to get an opportunity to network with the key people, but also see the next possibilities that we could be looking at to continue to improve the environment and experience for young people."

"Learning Places Scotland is THE event of the year. Like minded people congregate to learn, recognise and celebrate Consultants, Contractors, Suppliers, and Local Authorities, for their outstanding efforts in the Education sector in Scotland"

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