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Networking Testimonials


Read about attendees experience of Networking at Learning Places Scotland!

"Learning Places plays a big part in our strategy as about 70-80% of our work is through local authorities and public work. This is effectively our main client group. So by being able to maintain those relationships and just hear about what everybody needs, it really helps us build on our relationship with our main client group."

"Learning Places Scotland is important to the industry because it brings all the great minds and though processes, ideas and innovations to one central place, and by learning from each other. So speaking to our competitors, speaking to people we work and partner with, and speaking to future prospects. Us all coming together and working together really brings together the efficiencies and the excellent opportunities that we can all explore, but also it brings great cost savings to the industry as a whole."

For me this is about opportunities to network with collegues, and to bring together the opportunities to just identify best practice, and whats happening in the  industry, to share collective experiences, were all facing very similar challenges and theres no one particular answer to all the challenges that we’ve got, so I like this as an opportunity to get together with fellow professionals with specific interest in education projects and share our experiences both good and bad just so we can all make attempts to make the learning estate a better place

"As ever, attending the Learning Places Scotland was extremely worthwhile for myself and my colleagues. We were able to speak to different suppliers, meet old colleagues to exchange ideas, listen to some informative presentations.....and even win an award!!"

"Learning Places Scotland/EdTech was a fantastic event. Who knew such a community of thought leaders and experts existed within this field. The event was both fun and insightful."

"Learning Places Scotland is THE event of the year. Like minded people congregate to learn, recognise and celebrate Consultants, Contractors, Suppliers, and Local Authorities, for their outstanding efforts in the Education sector in Scotland."

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