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Read about why our attendees think Learning Places Scotland is important

"I am a regular attendee of Learning Places Scotland. I used to come at the exhibition and associated conference as an acoustic consultant and now coming as a lecturer. It is the great place to meet with people and make connections for further research and educational needs, as well as see and trial some innovative products for schools."

"It was a very useful experience for NatureScot to take an active part in the Learning Places 2023 event. It helped us (alongside our partners) to introduce, challenge and explore the issues of climate change, biodiversity and outdoor learning practice within the school estate community, and make new connections within the sector. This, we hope, will help to shape nature positive practice across Scotland's school estate."

"Learning Places Scotland is important to the industry because it brings all the great minds and though processes, ideas and innovations to one central place by learning from each other, so through speaking to our competitors, speaking to people we work and partner with, and speaking to future prospects. Us all coming together and working together really brings together the efficiencies and the excellent opportunities that we can all explore, but also it brings great cost savings to the industry as a whole."

"Learning Places Scotland to myself means client engagement, people meeting new prospective clients, and also younger people as well and they're the future for any kind of design and build scheme. So listening to their needs and understanding their requirements for the future as well as in terms of what our younger people need to meet their own requirements as well, and very much engagement with clients. The show this year for us has been fantastic. We've really enjoyed it met lots of different people from councils, architects who have looked to specify our products, a real drive for outside canopy areas and outdoor provision, which fits in with our product as well, and so very relevant to what we do work-wise."

"Learning Places Scotland is one of the most effective conferences that we have. The Scottish Government bring together the most effective group of contractors, architects and councils. It's one of the best places for meeting all these people. A lot of decision makers in one space. It's fantastic. The people is the most important part. We have a really lovely suite of different talks that are very effective. Everybody's been extremely complimentary about this year. I think that's what brings people from such a long way away to come and see this and then meeting them, everybody gathering in the same space. It's just great for new thoughts, new ideas, sort of seeing how the future is going to be really."

"Learning Places Scotland is a hugely important event for us at Portakabin and it's a hugely exciting one. Education is a big part of what we do. We believe that as a modular construction business, we have an awful lot to offer within that education estate planning space. Part of what we talk about is bringing the wonder of modular building to the wider society. And I think education in terms of that impact on the future and future generations what we can bring in that environment, in that space, in terms of our capability. We've got a lot to offer and it's a really exciting, enjoyable event for the team as well. It's something that every year we look forward to. It's hugely important to have the modular voice here at Learning Spaces."

"I'd say the one thing that Learning Places Scotland does better than other regions is specifically the way of getting young people involved. We heard a fantastic talk from young people at two different schools yesterday morning in the opening. and their joy, their enthusiasm was contagious and it really set the tone for the whole conference and I would say that's why we're doing it, that's why we're here, so let's hear more of their voices. Anybody who's thinking about attending next year, come because your voice will be heard and that's hugely important. ."

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