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LPS 2024

  1. Stage 1
    This session will delve into the partnerships and collaboration fostered in two projects - Castlebrae Superlab and Wallyford Learning Campus.
  2. Stage 1
    Inclusive design and place-based thinking – lessons learned from the Craighalbert Centre
  3. Stage 1
  4. Stage 1

    Dunfermline Learning Campus

    The Triangle of Learning - East Calder Primary School

  5. Stage 1
  6. Stage 1
    Panel Session discussing the critical aspects of business continuity and maintaining education in our schools, colleges and universities in times of crisis.
  7. Stage 1
  8. Stage 1

    Estate Rationalisation and Decarbonisation: Maximising Value and Student Experience

    Creating the Springboard for College Development

  9. Stage 1
    This session will look at the value of green spaces in cities and on school grounds, providing attendees with an insight into how existing grounds can be transformed to deliver more for pupils, teachers and the surrounding community.
  10. Stage 2
    Kier, alongside staff and pupils from schools in Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire, showcase the inclusive Programmes they are running in collaboration with education and industry partners to inspire, encourage and inform young people, with a focus on females, into the construction industry.
  11. Stage 2
    Details to follow
  12. Stage 2
  13. Stage 2
    This session will look at a three-year change plan to enhance learning through furniture, outdoor space and retrofit building interventions.
  14. Stage 2

    Unleashing the Potential: Innovative Strategies for Educational Spaces

    This session will delve into approaches to maximising the potential of existing buildings and sites, all while creating enhanced and sustainable learning environments. Discover how to extend and remodel spaces with a strong emphasis on sustainability, holistic design, and adaptive reuse.

  15. Campfire
    Integrating technology effectively into educational practices to enhance learning experiences
  16. Campfire

    Post Occupation Evaluation on 6 reference schools led to questions of conflict and agreement. This session focuses on area of agreement for discussion.

  17. Campfire
  18. Campfire
    Passivhaus vs Non-Passivhaus
  19. EdTech Stage
    Maximizing Learning Opportunities Across the Learning Estate with Dynamic Assessment
  20. EdTech Stage
    Panel session looking at AI literacy in education - benefits, risks and ethical considerations
  21. EdTech Stage
    This session will explore how to effectively integrate robotics into education
  22. EdTech Stage
  23. EdTech Stage
    Details to follow
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