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Workshop & EduFringe Programme 2023

  1. Workshop

    Using virtual reality to enhance learning through immersion, engagement and contextual understanding has incredible value. But what about supporting neurodiversity and developing empathy? Join this workshop to discover the amazing results.

  2. Workshop

    This workshop will provide a step-by step overview of the digital information handover initiative being adopted on every Learning Estate Investment Programme (LEIP) project, including a range of related resources developed by a client and contractor industry working group, facilitated by SFT.

  3. Campfire

    It is crucial that our learning spaces are fit for purpose, inclusive and support “deep learning” as well as traditional didactic teaching.

    Come along for a stimulating discussion on the subject of “open” vs. traditional learning spaces, when they do .. and don’t work, and how acoustics plays an important role in both.

  4. Campfire
    The Net Zero Public Sector Building (NZPSB) Standard was published in 2021 to provide a routemap for public bodies to achieve ambitious zero carbon targets for new buildings or major refurbishment projects. This informal session will discuss learning to date; reflect on the multiple pathways which can be adopted in the net zero transition, and help inform the Standard’s future refinement.
  5. Campfire
    Join us round our cosy campfire to chat about outdoor learning and how clear definition and metrics might help us design and protect spaces for our children and young people to learn, grow and flourish.
  6. Campfire

    The Learning Estate Strategy says the use of outdoor learning environments should be maximised. Can we say we are doing this? A discussion on how covered outdoor space can not only encourage the use of outdoors but also how it could challenge what you need to build indoors.

  7. Campfire
    What lessons can we learn from delivery of Education projects to date to take forward to create more efficient and deliverable learning estate in Scotland? This session will allow you to discuss your thoughts on what we need to think about in the latest school projects and beyond.
  8. EduFringe: Retrofit & Refurbishment
    For the UK to achieve its Net Zero goals, it must not only decarbonise its energy supply but, to achieve significant, short-term gains, it must eliminate energy waste. EnergiRaven is a Danish-designed energy monitoring and targeting system developed with energy waste and financial logic in mind. By digitising a building's energy consumption, EnergiRaven can rapidly pinpoint sources of inefficiency, enabling building operators with complex portfolios to reduce their carbon footprint even before addressing the energy source. That's why Net Zero starts with energy waste."
  9. EduFringe: Retrofit & Refurbishment

    Join roofing specialist Ian Dryden on a whistlestop tour of roof refurbishment and repair, peppered with anecdotes and helpful advice reflecting his decades of experience working on roofs in the education sector. Learn about what makes a good roof condition survey, hear about RAAC and other materials to be aware of, and put your questions to an expert.

  10. Workshop

    Workshop exploring the formal learning pathways co-designed between construction and schools as part of the community benefit


  11. Workshop

    30 minutes of structured, informative conversation about using Educational Robotics in the style of a lesson to enhance STEM Learning in the classroom and the benefits of integrating this into your curriculum rather than occasional one-off sessions. This is followed by an overview of the VEX Robotics Continuum and Competitive Robotics in Scotland and the opportunity to get hands-on with the VEX GO kits, with a Q&A opportunity.

    Any attendee of this session will be entered into a competition to win a VEX GO Education Kit for their school.

  12. Workshop
    This session will give an overview of the Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Act 2019 and how it will affect daycare of children settings.
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