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Conference Programme 2023

  1. EdTech Stage
    Details to follow
  2. Stage 1
  3. Stage 2

    Role of IoT Sensors, Data and Insights in Optimising Learning Environment


    Session Speakers:

  4. Stage 1

    A fresh air approach to delivering learning environments

    Internet of Things - Connecting Learning Environments with Learning Experiences

    Session Speakers:

  5. EdTech Stage

    Confident Contributors

    Session Speakers:

  6. Workshop

    The Digitisation of LEIP project handovers for quality operational & Management purposes

    Session Speakers:

  7. Workshop

    Session Speakers:

  8. Stage 1

    Inclusive Growth - Tomorrow's Opportunities

    Session Speakers:

  9. Stage 2

    The role of infrastructure investment as a context for learning and local inclusive growth

    Session Speakers:

  10. Workshop

    Workshop exploring the formal learning pathways co-designed between construction and schools as part of the community benefit

    Session Speakers:

  11. Stage 1
  12. Stage 1

    City of Edinburgh Council – Addressing an aging education estate to meet its zero carbon agenda

    Readiness for a Net Zero Estate

    Session Speakers:

  13. Stage 2

    Passivhaus from a Client Perspective

    Session Speakers:

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  15. EdTech Stage

    Cyber Resilience

    Digital Safeguarding for 1:1 Device Programmes

    Session Speakers:

  16. EdTech Stage
    In this facilitated panel discussion we will hear a number of different perspectives and approaches from a range digital experts in Scotland.
  17. Stage 1
    Jenny Gilruth MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills
  18. Workshop
    Educational Robotics combines all strands of STEM, but is most commonly integrated into the Computing Science curriculum. However, using robotics to straddle topics in computing, technology, science and maths allows students to explore the links between these subjects, and apply them to real-world problems as well as learning the concepts behind them.
  19. Stage 2

    Does it matter what students think of their school environment?

    Dumfries Learning Town: Completing the Journey

    Session Speakers:

  20. Stage 1

    Design & Educational Approach to Woodland View School

    Outdoor Play Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education – Spaces, Experiences and Interactions

    Session Speakers:

  21. Stage 1

    Tackling Climate Change Mitigation at scale

    Building the Intelligent Campus

    Session Speakers:

  22. Stage 2

    Integrated Green Infrastructure for school grounds: nature based solutions

    Special Places for Learning Outdoors

    QMU Outdoors: Sharing the Learning

    Session Speakers:

  23. Stage 2

    The potential of the existing estate – lessons learnt

    Early Years East Ayrshire POE: An Inside and Outside perspective

    Session Speakers:

  24. Stage 1

    Introduction: a place-based approach to learning

    An Ecology of Learning Spaces: Play and Education in the Outdoors in Scotland Post-Covid Climate Ready School Grounds

    Session Speakers:

  25. Workshop
    Details to follow
  26. EdTech Stage

    The Future of Education

    Equipped for Learning: Supporting Learners to Succeed

    Session Speakers:

  27. Stage 1
    Jedburgh Grammar Campus – Learning Without Limits
  28. EdTech Stage
    In a world where adaptability and innovation are paramount, how can we empower learners with the creative mindset and problem-solving skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century? 
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